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A Truly Gifted Facilitator of Healing!

I couldn't recommend Patty highly enough, she truly works wonders. The massages I have been lucky enough to receive from her have been full body/mind/soul experiences. She has a wonderful way of combining modalities with some serious intuition and just getting in there and...rearranging everything. I always leave appoints with her feeling taller, more open and completely refreshed. I love that she never stops learning, she's always adding to her repertoire of tricks and stays excited about her craft. It's obvious that this is her calling.

Absolutely amazing

Patty is absolutely amazing. She looked at me and knew exactly what my body needed with out me telling her anything. I only got to see her once for an hour while I was on vacation, but her work is lasting! Issues in my body I normally suffer with, are still at bay now, one month after seeing her. I wish I lived in the same town as Patty Smythe!!!

A true healer

I had the pleasure of having a massage appointment with Patty. I was assuming a standard massage therapy, and luckily it was anything but. Patty's unique combination of therapies was an incredible experience. I was experience a low range of movement in my lower back and hips and it was causing cramping in my legs. In one session I dramatically increased range of movement and felt my legs loosening, and she hadn't even touched my legs. By the end of session two I was convinced that I was in the hands of a not just a therapist but a healer. Can't recommend Patty enough.

A Unique, Knowing Touch

My daughter found out about Patty and booked me a massage with her, because she found out that Patty specializes in deep tissue, and that is what I needed. When I showed up for the appointment, what I got was so much more. Patty's method's are certainly not normal, but they are effective. She immediately recognized that the point of so much tension in my neck was coming from deep inside my jaw. After she worked on releasing the tension from my jaw, I could immediately feel a difference in my neck. Patty also seemingly effortlessly aligned my pelvis and leveled my legs in one simple move that adjusted where my thighs meet my pelvis. On top of all this, she has a wonderful spirit and personality that put me at ease during this unconventional massage session. I highly recommend Patty to anyone looking to have their body's innate healing process put into action by Patty's knowing touch.

Where muscles meet the soul

Patty is different from any "massage" therapist I have been to before, in the best way possible. Watching Patty work is mesmerizing, it is so clear that she is plugged in to the body or something else guiding her to aches and pains you didn't even know you had, until she works her magic and you feel the best you've felt in years. Patty is such a strong, but calming energy, it is healing just to be near her.

My recommendation for all future clients is to ask Patty to be as weird as possible, explore every modality, don't just opt for a traditional deep tissue massage (which is great, by the way). In my sessions with Patty, I got to experience nearly every modality that she practices, and there are a lot. They are all unique and powerful, and when done in harmony with each other, can have astounding effects.

I have recommended Patty to everyone I know and love. Go see her, your body and soul will thank you.