To be a massage therapist

is to answer a calling.  We are not healers.  We are facilitators of healing.  All healing is an inside job.   A good massage therapist listens to the client’s body and responds with proper touch.  An excellent massage therapist communicates the information the client’s nervous system has been asking for (often without the client consciously knowing).  Massage works in the unspoken realm of muscular energies, histories and past injuries.  Symptoms are not causes and pain often appears on the opposite side of the body from the actual problem.  An experienced therapist knows this.  It is only through somatic listening that a massage practitioner is able to get at the root cause of a muscular dysfunction.  A problem in the left ankle will eventually show up in the right or left shoulder.  These are the laws of physics and kinesiology.  Our muscular system is one big web, similar to a giant knit sweater.  When one area is tugged or pulled due to injury or trauma, the effect is felt throughout the entire body.

Over time, without correction, injuries become codified and the body organizes posture, motion and attitude around an injury.  Without an outside agency stepping in to help correct the problem, the body continues the injured pattern.  The most valuable aspect of good massage, good bodywork, is to bring awareness and integration back to the client’s brain.  With repeated sessions, the awareness grows and deepens.  Although massage is expensive, it’s value is priceless.  Once awakened, the brain is reconnected with all areas of the body and able to reestablish harmonious control.

I believe honed intuition is the basis of good bodywork and honed intuition takes years to develop

A second and equally important quality in a good bodyworker is the ability to listen and actually hear the client’s body speaking; to understand bodytalk.  Pain is a very important tool for the body.  It’s similar to a horn on a car telling you to pay attention.

When the body senses that there is someone present who can actually hear what it has been trying to express, there is often a stampede of information.  All the different neighborhoods want to be heard.  All the traumas want to be healed.  And some areas, usually the ones with the most problems, just want you to go away and let them continue on in dysfunctional patterns, much like a group of people you would find anywhere.  This is the holographic nature of the universe.

There is no way I can really know what is going on with your body until I lay my hands on it.

Every person who shows up for massage has a unique set of brilliant coping mechanisms their body has figured out in order to keep their head on straight. Some of these coping mechanisms are no longer working which is where good massage (bodywork) comes in. After filling out a brief informational form and a 5-10 minute discussion about what you are hoping for from the massage, we will begin.

I can observe muscular patterns and listen to your complaints, making an educated guess but it is the information coming through my hands that informs my brain of what is going on.

My massage form is not formulaic. It’s not a routine I learned. It is intuitive and informed by your body. I follow the instructions your body gives me in order to bring about the change it is requesting.

Your body knows how to heal itself. I am the facilitator of that healing. I am not a healer.

I charge for my time, not by the modality.

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