Healing Facilitator and Mindful Bodyworker

Shelburne Falls, Massachusets

Connect to your natural healing power

  • As a well trained and skilled massage therapist, I bring 25+ years of experience to the table.

  • I endeavor to create a quiet, peaceful space where reconnection, trust and healing are encouraged.

  • I listen to both what you and your tissues are saying.  I don’t believe in trying to force release but rather I coax tight musculature into a softer, more receptive space.

  • Every massage is individualized; based on the needs and goals of the client.  My massages are usually a blend of different modalities.


Deep Tissue

A whole body massage using deep manual pressure to find and release areas of muscular tension and spasms.


A very gentle touch guiding the rhythm of spinal fluid that flows through the brain and into the sacrum, bringing in nutrients and removing toxins. This is a very relaxing, yet deeply effective modalities.

Sports Massage

A massage which addresses specific areas of injury and/or weakness, relieves the discomfort of overuse and tension. Includes a postural analysis to evaluate muscular imbalances which effect exercise and overall sense of well being.

Peri/Post Menopausal

A massage specifically designed for women experiencing the transition from fertility to wisdom. The hormonal fluctuations during this period can create muscular discomfort.

Neural Reset Therapy

The new kid on the block. This is an amazing new modality that uses vibrators to reset stuck neural muscular patterns. It is a muscle energy technique that bypasses the muscular nerves and resets them at the spinal column. It is extremely impressive, fast and effective.

Myofascial release

A slow, methodical application of pressure to release fascial restrictions which are inhibiting graceful, musculoskeletal movement. 


My massages are intuitive, based on years of continued training and experience.  I am informed by the 3 brain centers: the head, the heart and the gut as well as my connection to the Infinite.  When I step up to the table I become a servant to the betterment of the person in front of me.  My job is to be present and aware. I listen to the client’s body for information about what’s working well and what area(s) need some assistance. I believe my greatest tool is informed compassion. Getting every client home, back to themselves is my goal.  Whether it’s reaffirming forgotten neural pathways by reawakening underperforming muscles, stretching shortened musculature or liberating constrictive fascia, the body is a tool that helps liberate the mind.  Because it’s all mind.

Not just the brain.  Every memory, every event, every trauma, joy, laughter and tear is still there in our tissues.  We are walking experiences.  And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  And we are all asymmetrical and that’s the way it’s supposed to be as well.  But these asymmetries, these life experiences, can cause imbalance when walking around in a gravity well which we are doing. That’s where the healing arts come in.  

My job is to be a facilitator of healing, to create an environment of trust that allows the muscles to relax.  And sometimes my job is to be a mediator between a brain that has lost track of its neural informants and a body that feels like its messages are not getting through to the brain.  

We are complicated and infinitely beautiful beings.  

3 Easy Steps


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Share what you are feeling. Via email, phone, or in person we will have a conversation so you can help me understand what is going on with you and your body.


Show up.  Ask questions if you have any.  Your body will be happy.

My Background

I began my massage career in 1997 attending the East/West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon where I received my initial 550 hours of training.  I chose the perfect career for myself because I love learning and the field of massage therapy is almost as infinite as the mind.  Over the past 25 years I have attended numerous workshops to expand my understanding of bodywork. 



$95/ 60 mins

$140/ 90 mins

all modalities

Credit cards are not accepted. I accept PayPal, Venmo, and local checks.

Masks are required for both the client and myself.

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